An overview of PsoProtect’s current data.

Current Data

We are committed to sharing data and are delighted to provide open access to summary data of the cases in PsoProtect. These data are preliminary and include a limited number of cases, so should not be used to inform clinical decision making.

Total number of cases reported

Summary data from PsoProtect’s first 100 cases.

Cases reported by country:

Average age: 51 years
Phenotype of psoriasis: 99 (99%) plaque psoriasis, 1 (1%) generalized pustular psoriasis
Average BMI: 30 kg/m2
Average number of days of symptoms from COVID-19: 14 days

Confirmed COVID-19:


Smoking history:

Concurrent psoriatic arthritis:

Severity of psoriasis at time of onset of COVID-19 (PGA):

Psoriasis severity change during COVID-19:

Systemic medication for psoriasis at time of onset of COVID-19:

Medication Count
Standard systemic agent 8
Small molecule inhibitor 7
TNF inhibitor 20
IL-17 inhibitor 26
IL-23p19 inhibitor 12
IL-12/IL-23 inhibitor 15
Biologic and standard systemic co-therapy 3
None 9

Was the systemic medication for psoriasis stopped during COVID-19 infection:

Hospitalization required due to COVID-19:

Outcome of COVID-19: